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Manual Tools for technicians and engineers.

Processing Tools/ Abrasives for Grinders

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Polishing/ Grinding Equipment

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Grinding Stones with Shafts

Sheet Polishing

  • Polishing ball brush Polishing Balls


    deliveryFrom 6 Days

    • - Suitable for rust removal and uneven surfaces.
  • WA (Red) Grinding Stone (Shaft Diameter 6mm) WA (Red) Grinding Stone
    (Shaft Diameter 6mm)


    deliveryFrom 4 Days

    • - For hardened steel, heat-treated materials. Can grind, without clogging, hardened items made of carbon steel, tool steel, etc. It is also more widely adaptable for general steel materials, casting, etc.
  • Water-resistant Paper Waterproof Paper


    deliveryFrom 3 Days

    • - High-durability Cwt paper impregnated with oil. Boasts a wide range of uses, from heavy work to finishing. Uniformly coated with silicon carbide grains, so high finish surface precisions can be achieved.
  • Polynet Sheet Poly-Net Sheet


    deliveryFrom 3 Days

    • - Abrasive material is uniformly stuck to both sides of the base material for the synthetic fiber mesh. Since there is no clogging and both sides can be used, service life is extremely long without any change in the sharpness. Can be used in both dry and wet conditions.

Grinding Stones for Flat Surfaces


  • SA Grindstone (Red) (1000E60010) WA Grindstone (Red) (1000E60010)


    deliveryFrom 6 Days

    • - Used for free hand grinding of iron materials, general light grinding, tool grinding and precision grinding, such as for hardened steel. SC, SCr, SK, SKS, etc.
  • EWAW Grindstone for Flat Surfaces KP MEMOX II (Vitrified CBN Wheel)


    deliveryFrom 6 Days

    • - Various hard-to-cut hardened steel materials (SCr, SKH, SCM, etc.)
  • Tokumaru α Tokumaru α


    deliveryFrom 3 Days

    • - For grinding and polishing of steel, welding bead removal, rust removal.
    • - (10 Pieces Per Package)
  • Welding Bead Removing Disk Welding Bead Removing Disk


    deliveryFrom 3 Days

    • - Ceramic disk that emphasizes grinding power.
    • - It has more grinding power than the offset and flexible grindstones.
    • It can provide a sharp surface finish.

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