Insert(Thread Dia. (After inserted), Unified:7/16-20)

These products are used for reinforcing female threads. These can be used with damaged female threads or soft materials to enable screws/bolts to be tightened.
In general, coil inserts that have been machined into a coil shape are very common, but we also have a wide lineup that includes "self-tapping inserts", "inserts for resin", "insert nuts", "locking inserts", etc., enabling use to suit various environments or materials.
MISUMI enables spec searches and ordering quantities from just 1 piece. Tools are also sold in addition to the inserts themselves.
Iron, stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, Inconel, nitronics
M1.4 to M39 are available as well as imperial sizes
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Heli-Sert, E-Sert, Sprue, Female Thread

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Screw Type
Screw Dia. M (after insertion)(mm)
Thread Dia. (After inserted), Unified(inch)
Length L (after insertion) (D = Thread Dia. M)
Sales Unit

    Recoil-Free (UNF) SUS304

      Stainless Steel E-Sert (Unify) (UNF)

        Sprue (Unify) (UNF)

          Recoil Packet (UNF)




          NIPPON SPREW


          Product Series

          Recoil-Free (UNF) SUS304

          Stainless Steel E-Sert (Unify) (UNF)【100 Pieces Per Package】

          Sprue (Unify) (UNF)【10 Pieces Per Package】

          Recoil Packet (UNF)【10 Pieces Per Package】

          Days to Ship 23 Day(s) or more 14 Day(s) or more 10 Day(s) or more 4 Day(s) or more
          ApplicationLight Metal-Light MetalLight Metal
          MaterialStainless Steel (SUS303/304)Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)
          Screw TypeUnified (Fine) ThreadUnified (Fine) ThreadUnified (Fine) ThreadUnified (Fine) Thread
          Screw Dia. M (after insertion)(mm)----
          Thread Dia. (After inserted), Unified(inch)7/16-207/16-207/16-207/16-20
          Length L (after insertion) (D = Thread Dia. M)1D / 1.5D / 2D1D / 1.5D / 2D / 2.5D / 3D1D / 2D1.5D
          Sales UnitLow Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.)Box, Pkg.Box, Pkg.Box, Pkg.


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