Insert(Thread Dia. (After inserted), Unified:5/16-18)

These products are used for reinforcing female threads. These can be used with damaged female threads or soft materials to enable screws/bolts to be tightened.
In general, coil inserts that have been machined into a coil shape are very common, but we also have a wide lineup that includes "self-tapping inserts", "inserts for resin", "insert nuts", "locking inserts", etc., enabling use to suit various environments or materials.
MISUMI enables spec searches and ordering quantities from just 1 piece. Tools are also sold in addition to the inserts themselves.
Iron, stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze, Inconel, nitronics
M1.4 to M39 are available as well as imperial sizes
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Heli-Sert, E-Sert, Sprue, Female Thread

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Screw Type
Screw Dia. M (after insertion)(mm)
Thread Dia. (After inserted), Unified(inch)
Length L (after insertion) (D = Thread Dia. M)
Sales Unit

    Recoil-Free (UNC) SUS304

      Sprue (Unified) (UNC)

        Recoil Packet (UNC)

          Stainless Steel E-Sert (Unify) (UNC)



          NIPPON SPREW



          Product Series

          Recoil-Free (UNC) SUS304

          Sprue (Unified) (UNC)【1-10 Pieces Per Package】

          Recoil Packet (UNC)【10 Pieces Per Package】

          Stainless Steel E-Sert (Unify) (UNC)【1-100 Pieces Per Package】

          Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more 4 Day(s) or more 3 Day(s) or more 4 Day(s) or more
          ApplicationLight MetalLight MetalLight Metal-
          MaterialStainless Steel (SUS303/304)Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)
          Screw TypeUnified (Coarse) ThreadUnified (Coarse) ThreadUnified (Coarse) ThreadUnified (Coarse) Thread
          Screw Dia. M (after insertion)(mm)----
          Thread Dia. (After inserted), Unified(inch)5/16-185/16-185/16-185/16-18
          Length L (after insertion) (D = Thread Dia. M)1D / 1.5D / 2D1D / 2D1.5D1D / 1.5D / 2D / 2.5D / 3D
          Sales UnitLow Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.)Low Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.) / Box, Pkg.Box, Pkg.Low Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.) / Box, Pkg.


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