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Self Tapping Screws, Taptite High Tech Screws(Surface Treatment:Hot Zinc Plating)

This is a category page for tapping screws, Tap-Tite and high-tech screws. For MISUMI, you can select from nominal of 1.2 to 8, length of 2 to 200 mm, 8 types of mount hole shape, 3 types of material and 21 types of surface processing.
In addition to the normal shape, we offer flanged products and those with built-in washers.

[What is a tapping screw?]
It is a screw to be tightened while threading itself against the pilot hole to be tightened. It eliminates the need for tapping, which leads to reduced work costs.
As screws themselves perform threading, the fastening force is high and it does not easily get loosened, but it also has the disadvantage of being difficult to remove.
Types 1, 2 and 3 are available, which are used according to the materials to be tightened.

Detailed Shape

  • Standard
  • Low Head
  • Extra Low Head
  • Ultra Low Head
  • Pan Head
  • Flat Head
  • Truss
  • Round Flat Head
  • Low Flat Head
  • Binding Head
  • Button Head Cap
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Thread Type
Nominal of Thread (M)
Length L (mm)
Detailed Shape
Mounting Hole Shape
Basic Shape
Surface Treatment
Tip Shape
Additional Shape
Sales Unit
Strength Class (Stainless Steel)

    Cross/Straight-Recessed Hex Flange Tapping Screw, Type 1 A Shape



    Product Series

    Cross/Straight-Recessed Hex Flange Tapping Screw, Type 1 A Shape【400 Pieces Per Package】

    Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more
    Thread TypeSelf Tapping
    Nominal of Thread (M)6
    Length L (mm)12
    Detailed ShapeStandard
    Mounting Hole ShapeCross/Straight Slot
    Basic ShapeHex
    Surface TreatmentHot Zinc Plating
    Tip ShapeCone Point
    Additional ShapeFlanged
    Sales UnitBox, Pkg.
    Strength Class (Stainless Steel)-


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