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Tubes(Material, Urethane:Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

In the MISUMI e-catalog, we sell tubes that can be found under various conditions such as material, outer diameter/inner diameter and working fluid.
Purchase at the required length.

[What is a tube?]
A tube that connects various valves and actuators for driving pneumatic equipment. General polyurethane tubes, durable nylon tubes and other fluororesin and silicone tubes that can be used with chemicals are available.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Cutting Service Usage
Outer Dia. D(Ø)
O.D. [Distinction]
Inner Dia. d(Ø)
I.D. [Distinction]
Applicable Fluid
Operating Environment
Number of Core(Core)
Material, Urethane
Material, Fluororesin
Material: Nylon
O.D. (2nd Core)
O.D. (3rd Core)
O.D. (4th Core)
O.D. (5th Core)
I.D. (2nd Core)
I.D. (3rd Core)
I.D. (4th Core)
I.D. (5th Core)
Types of Related components

    Soft Polyurethane Tube UC



    Product Series

    Soft Polyurethane Tube UC

    Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more
    Cutting Service UsageNo
    Outer Dia. D(Ø)4 ~ 12
    O.D. [Distinction]~4 ~ ~15
    Inner Dia. d(Ø)2.5 ~ 8
    I.D. [Distinction]~3 ~ ~8
    Applicable FluidWater / Air / Chemical
    Operating EnvironmentStandard
    ColorTransparent (including non-white colors)
    Number of Core(Core)1
    Material, UrethaneThermoplastic Polyurethane
    Material, Fluororesin-
    Material: Nylon-
    O.D. (2nd Core)-
    O.D. (3rd Core)-
    O.D. (4th Core)-
    O.D. (5th Core)-
    I.D. (2nd Core)-
    I.D. (3rd Core)-
    I.D. (4th Core)-
    I.D. (5th Core)-
    Types of Related components-


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