Lever(Gap Adjustment Screw:Provided)

An online store page for levers. In the MISUMI e-catalog, a large number of levers ranging from those used for machine doors and exterior to those for furniture is available. We handle ratchet levers as well as clamp levers and cam levers. * Information regarding similar products *Levers can be searched from the category "Lever Handles".

[Applications] Clamp, operation

[Clamp Types] Clamp mechanism, cam mechanism, ratchet mechanism

[Materials] Stainless steel, steel, zinc alloy, resin, etc.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Type, Clamp
Type, Operation
Operation Direction
L-Shaped Clamp Lever Shape
Knobbed Lever Shape
Mounting Section Type
Rotating Radius R(mm)
Main Body Material
Main Body, Surface Treatment
Mounting Section, Material
Mounting Section, Surface Treatment
Knob Material
Knob Surface Treatment
Gap Adjustment Screw
Mounting Section Dia. d (mm) or Nominal Dia.
Mounting Section, Length L(mm)

    Cam Lever

      Cam Lever (ECL, ECLN)

        Cam Lever_LWAM/LWAF





        Product Series

        Cam Lever

        Cam Lever (ECL, ECLN)

        Cam Lever_LWAM/LWAF

        • 2D / 3D
        • 2D / 3D
        • 2D / 3D
        Days to Ship Same day or more 3 Day(s) or more 3 Day(s) or more
        Type, ClampCam MechanismClamp Mechanism / Cam MechanismCam Mechanism
        Type, Operation---
        Operation DirectionVerticalVerticalVertical
        ShapeL ShapeL ShapeL Shape
        L-Shaped Clamp Lever ShapeNo Set Screw TypeNo Set Screw TypeNo Set Screw Type
        Knobbed Lever Shape---
        Mounting Section TypeThreadedThreaded / TappedThreaded / Tapped
        Rotating Radius R(mm)8063 ~ 7963 ~ 82
        Main Body MaterialZinc AlloyPolyamideZinc Alloy
        Main Body, Surface TreatmentElectrostatic CoatingNoneElectrostatic Coating
        Mounting Section, MaterialSteelStainless Steel / Steel-
        Mounting Section, Surface TreatmentElectroless Nickel PlatingNone / Zinc Plating-
        Knob Material---
        Knob Surface Treatment---
        Gap Adjustment ScrewProvidedProvidedProvided
        Mounting Section Dia. d (mm) or Nominal Dia.5 ~ 8M6 ~ M86 ~ 8
        Mounting Section, Length L(mm)30 ~ 6025 ~ 5010 ~ 60


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