Knobs, Screws(Main Body, Type:Polygonal Shape Page4)

In the MISUMI e-catalog, a large number of knobs ranging from those used for machine doors and exterior to those for furniture and building interiors is available. We not only handle knurled knobs, but also ball knobs, etc. * Information regarding similar products *Handles can be searched from the category "Rotary Handles / Crank Handles" and door knobs can be searched from the category "Door Parts".

[Body Types] Round, polygonal, T-shape, wing shape, etc.

[Mounting Part Types] Male thread, female thread, round hole, one-touch type, etc.

[Materials] Stainless steel, steel, aluminum, resin, etc.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Main Body, Type
Mounting Section Type
Mounting Section Dia. d (mm) or Nominal Dia.
Mounting Section, Length L(mm)
Round Shape, Type
Side Machined
Polygonal Shape, Type
T Shape, Type
Additional Function
Threaded End Machining
Tapped, Round Hole Machining
Set Screw Flat Machining
Main Body Material
Main Body, Surface Treatment
Mounting Section, Material
Mounting Section, Surface Treatment

    Clip Nut (S-1 Type)

      Clip Nut (S-2 Type)

        Clip Nut (S-3 Type)

          Clip Nut (S-4 Type)

            Bolt Rack Turn Handle

              Triangular Knob







              IMAO CORPORATION

              Product Series

              Clip Nut (S-1 Type)【250 Pieces Per Package】

              Clip Nut (S-2 Type)【130 Pieces Per Package】

              Clip Nut (S-3 Type)【70 Pieces Per Package】

              Clip Nut (S-4 Type)【40 Pieces Per Package】

              Bolt Rack Turn Handle

              Triangular Knob

              • 2D / 3D
              Days to Ship 14 Day(s) or more 5 Day(s) or more 14 Day(s) or more Quote 4 Day(s) or more 4 Day(s) or more
              Main Body, TypePolygonal ShapePolygonal ShapePolygonal ShapePolygonal ShapePolygonal ShapePolygonal Shape
              Mounting Section TypeTappedTappedTappedTappedRound BoreThreaded / Tapped
              Mounting Section Dia. d (mm) or Nominal Dia.M5 ~ M6M6 ~ M8M8 ~ M10M106 ~ 12M5 ~ M10
              Mounting Section, Length L(mm)-----10 ~ 40
              Round Shape, Type------
              Side MachinedNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot Provided-
              Polygonal Shape, TypeTriangular ShapeTriangular ShapeTriangular ShapeTriangular ShapePentagon ShapeTriangular Shape
              T Shape, Type------
              Additional FunctionNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot Provided
              Threaded End Machining-----None
              Tapped, Round Hole Machining----ThroughBlind Bore
              Set Screw Flat MachiningNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
              Main Body MaterialPlastic_Plastic_Plastic_Plastic_Plastic_Polyamide
              Main Body, Surface TreatmentNoneNoneNoneNoneNone-
              Mounting Section, MaterialBrassBrassBrassBrass-Stainless Steel
              Mounting Section, Surface TreatmentNoneNoneNoneNone-None


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