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XY-Axis(Travel Guide:Dovetail Slide, Rack & Pinion)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Table Size (Length) L (Range Selectable)(mm)
Table Size (Width) W (Range Selectable)(mm)
Load Capacity (Range Selectable)(N)
Stroke (Distance along X-Axis) (Range Selectable)(mm)
Stroke (Distance along Y-Axis) (Range Selectable)(mm)
Feeding Method
Table Material
Table Surface Treatment
Travel Guide
Table Size (Thickness) H (Range Selectable)(mm)

    Small XY-Axis Rack-and-Pinion Stage TAR



    Product Series

    Small XY-Axis Rack-and-Pinion Stage TAR

    • 2D / 3D
    Days to Ship 32 Day(s) or more
    Table Size (Length) L (Range Selectable)(mm)41~60
    Table Size (Width) W (Range Selectable)(mm)~25
    Load Capacity (Range Selectable)(N)30.1~50
    Stroke (Distance along X-Axis) (Range Selectable)(mm)~±10mm
    Stroke (Distance along Y-Axis) (Range Selectable)(mm)~±10mm
    Feeding Method-
    Table MaterialBrass
    Table Surface TreatmentLow Temperature Black Chrome Plating
    Travel GuideDovetail Slide, Rack & Pinion
    Table Size (Thickness) H (Range Selectable)(mm)40.1~50


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