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Product Series
Days to Ship
Detection Object
Detection Type
Light Axis Arrangement Type
Detection Light Type
Detection Light Color
Head Shape
Head Material
Amplifier Installation Type
Detection Distance(mm)
Detection distance 【classification】(mm)
Operating Environment
Protection Structure
Amplifier Function (Selectable only when Amplifier is installed)
Fiber Type (Selectable only when Amplifier is not installed)
Fiber clothing material
Fiber minimum bend R(mm)

    Photoelectric Sensor EA940LM-9



    Product Series

    Photoelectric Sensor EA940LM-9

    Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more
    Detection Object-
    Detection Type-
    Light Axis Arrangement Type-
    Detection Light Type-
    Detection Light Color-
    Head Shape-
    Head Material-
    Amplifier Installation Type-
    Detection Distance(mm)-
    Detection distance 【classification】(mm)-
    Operating Environment-
    Protection Structure-
    Amplifier Function (Selectable only when Amplifier is installed)-
    Fiber Type (Selectable only when Amplifier is not installed)-
    Fiber clothing material-
    Fiber minimum bend R(mm)-


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