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ASEIKOGYO Thermometers/Hygrometers

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
Temperature Measuring Range(°C)
Temperature minimal display(°C)
Drip-proof and Waterproof function
Operating Temperature Range(°C)
Humidity Minimal Display(%RH)
Measured humidity range(%RH)
Heat Stroke Index display range(°C)
Primary Color
Color after discoloration

    Thermo Color sensor

      Humidity Indicator




      Product Series

      Thermo Color sensor【1-50 Pieces Per Package】

      Humidity Indicator【200 Pieces Per Package】

      Days to Ship 62 Day(s) or more 62 Day(s) or more
      Product TypeHeat SensorOther Accessory
      Temperature Measuring Range(°C)--
      Temperature minimal display(°C)--
      Drip-proof and Waterproof function--
      Operating Temperature Range(°C)--
      Humidity Minimal Display(%RH)--
      Measured humidity range(%RH)-10・20・30・40・50・60
      Heat Stroke Index display range(°C)--
      Primary Color--
      Color after discoloration--


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