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Jigsaw Blades(Application:Polycarbonate)

Jigsaw blades are metal saw blades that are fitted on electric saws called jigsaws. They are thin and narrow and therefore suited to cutting in a curve. Materials used include high-speed steel, and bimetal blades do not break easily. Blades are selected according to the material they are used for, such as metals, wood, plastic and special materials, but some blades can be used for more than 1 type of material. Blades that are compatible with the same applications may differ in length, thickness and number of teeth, and blades designed for cutting wood are particularly available in various types, such as blades for thick materials, cutting in curves and finishing. While long blades can cut materials with large dimensions, short blades are capable of more stable cutting. In addition, blades with a greater number of teeth can deliver a more beautiful cut surface. Choosing sharp blades will increase cutting speed and improve the quality of finish.
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Product Series
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Product Type
Number of Teeth
Cutting Type
Overall Length(mm)
Effective length of blade(mm)

    Jigsaw Blade (for Metal Plastic and Wood)



    Product Series

    Jigsaw Blade (for Metal Plastic and Wood)【5 Pieces Per Package】

    Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more
    Product TypeBosch type / Combined Type
    MaterialBimetal HSS
    Number of Teeth12 ~ 21
    Cutting TypeStraight Line
    Overall Length(mm)75
    Effective length of blade(mm)50


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