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An online store for cut-off wheels. In MISUMI's e-catalog, many popular brand cut-off wheels are available. You can select the work material, abrasive grain, grain size, hardness, size, etc. by clicking, to easily find the desired cut-off wheel.
Products with fast cutting speed, stable sharpness, and wide support for various materials are available.

[What is a cut-off wheel?] It is composed of three elements ("abrasive grain", "binder" and "pores") and is a specialized grindstone for cutting objects. A myriad of sharp abrasive grains on the cutting grindstone serve as a cutter to quickly scrape the workpiece and cut a smooth finished surface and precise dimensions. The greatest feature of the cut-off wheel is that when abrasive grains become unable to cut, they drop off, and the next new cutting edge of abrasive grains is generated.
[To usecut-off wheels safely] (1) Do not roll the grindstone, do not drop it, do not bump it. (2) Select the proper one with outer diameter and contact width equal to the left and right. (3) Before installing, be sure to check the rotation direction.
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