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An online store for tool balancers. In MISUMI's e-catalog, compact and highly workable tool balancers are available. Since it is possible to select from a wide range for every work context, you can easily find the desired tool balancer.
Dimensions such as stroke, total length, applicable cable diameter, etc., as well as electric type, spring type, etc., can be selected with one click.
Choose your favorite item from the product shelf, boasting low cost and high quality.
[What is a tool balancer?]
Although balancer in general refers to people who balance in a specific organization, a tool balancer, as its name suggests, is a useful tool that can be used on the workbench to hang tools, power tools, and other items necessary for work from above within reach and to take out the hung tools when necessary with minimum required motion.
It is also useful for organizing the tools on the workbench.
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    ENDO Spring Balancer (Standard Type)



    Product Series

    ENDO Spring Balancer (Standard Type)

    Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more
    Product TypeTool balancer
    Capacity(kg)1.5 to 3.0 ~ 3.0 to 5.0
    Rope Diameter(mm)3
    Overall Length(mm)Approx. 284 to 1,584


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