Belt Polishing Materials(Page2)

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Product Series
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Tool Used
Base Materials
Particle Size(#)
Abrasive material
With/without joints
Joint Type

    Felt Belt

      Resin Cross Belt

        Finger Pad Set

          Resin Cross Belt





          NIHON KENSHI

          Product Series

          Felt Belt【10 Pieces Per Package】

          Resin Cross Belt【10-50 Pieces Per Package】

          Finger Pad Set【1-10 Pieces Per Package】

          Resin Cross Belt【10 Pieces Per Package】

          Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more 20 Day(s) or more 10 Day(s) or more 24 Day(s) or more
          Tool UsedElectrical and pneumatic toolsElectrical and pneumatic toolsHandwork-
          Width(mm)8 ~ mig000000013572318 ~ mig0000000135723725 ~ mig00000001357228-
          Length(mm)265 ~ mig00000001357239260 ~ mig00000001357236480 ~ mig00000001357229-
          Base MaterialsClothClothPaperNon‐Woven Fabric
          Particle Size(#)-40 ~ mig0000000134292480 ~ mig0000000133135660 ~ mig00000001337738
          Abrasive material-Alundum (Alumina) (AA or A) / Zirconia (Z)-Ceramic (SG or A)
          With/without jointsNAAvailableNA-
          Joint Type-Wrap joint--


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