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Offset/Flexible Grinding Stones(Page4)

Depressed center / flexible grinding wheels are disk-shaped grindstones. They are used attached to a disk grinder. Depressed center grinding wheels are raised at the mounting section, and the outer abrasive section is thin and shaped like a flat plate. They provide excellent grinding force and durability with sufficient thickness. The machining surface is coarse and used for chamfering and other deep-grinding applications. They are suitable for deburring, removing weld beads and surface grinding of stainless steel and aluminum. Flexible grinding wheels are thinner and more flexible than depressed center grinding wheels, so they fit more closely to workpieces when used for surface grinding, and they can also be used for thin or curved materials. They are unlikely to form deep gashes and will achieve a beautiful finish. As with depressed center grinding wheels, they can be used for a wide range of applications including medium grinding and finishing, as well as heavy grinding and deburring of metals.
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