Grinding Stones for Flat Surfaces(abrasive grain:Z300)

An online store for grindstones for surface grinding. Due to the abundant lineup,, you can easily find the grindstone for surface grinding that you are looking for by specifying the shape, abrasive grain, grain size, outer diameter, thickness, hole diameter, etc.
We have many products with high cost performance available, and we can help you select a grindstone for surface grinding.

[What is a grindstone for surface grinding?] A grindstone used for surface grinding where dimensional precision and surface roughness are required. The grindstone consists of three elements: abrasive grains, binder, and pores. Abrasive grains are granular or powdered materials with high hardness, such as alumina, silicon carbide, etc. The applicable work material differs depending on the type of abrasive grains. Bonding material is a material that bonds abrasive grains and abrasive grains, and pores affect performance such as biting into the workpiece and discharge of chips.
[Selection method of grindstone] It is necessary to consider the following to select the grindstone. (1) Grindstone size (2) Type of workpiece and heat treatment presence (3) Degree of finish.
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abrasive grain
Particle Size(#)
Outer Diameter(mm)
Hole Diameter(mm)

    85A Grindstone for Flat Dies Surfaces No. 1 & No. 10 Duplex Hubbed

      Flat Type Z300 Grindstone




      Product Series

      85A Grindstone for Flat Dies Surfaces No. 1 & No. 10 Duplex Hubbed

      Flat Type Z300 Grindstone

      Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more 7 Day(s) or more
      ShapeFlat (no. 1)Flat (no. 1)
      abrasive grainZ300Z300
      Particle Size(#)46 ~ 8046 ~ 80
      Outer Diameter(mm)205 ~ 355305 ~ 355
      Thickness(mm)19 ~ 3832 ~ 38
      Hole Diameter(mm)50.8 ~ 12776.2 ~ 127


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