Tooling(Retainable blade diameter:1.5 to 10)

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Product Series
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Product Category
Applicable Manufacturing Machinery (main unit)
Spindle types
HSK type
Tool Type
Retainable blade diameter(mm)
Chuck Type
Holder Length L(mm)
Maximum Allowable Rotational Speed(min-1)
Coolant System
Nozzle Type

    Drill Chuck, with Key Type

      New Baby Collet Set




      Product Series

      Drill Chuck, with Key Type

      New Baby Collet Set

      Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more Quote
      Product CategoryMain BodyAttachments/Accessories
      Applicable Manufacturing Machinery (main unit)--
      Spindle types--
      HSK type--
      Tool Typedrill-
      Retainable blade diameter(mm)1.5 to 101.5 to 10
      Chuck Type--
      Holder Length L(mm)--
      Maximum Allowable Rotational Speed(min-1)--
      Coolant System--
      Nozzle Type--


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