Drill Bits(Hole diameter (drill diameter) D:10.1×10D)

An online store for drills. In MISUMI's e-catalog (online general catalog), specifications/dimensions of hole diameter (drill diameter), groove length, work materials, delivery date, etc. can be selected with one click, so you can easily find the desired cutting drill.

[What is a drill?]
A drill is a tool that rotates and drills, mainly used for general hole drilling, tap pilot hole drilling, reamer pilot hole drilling, etc. Depending on the shape of the shank part, they are classified as straight shank, end mill shank, or taper shank. Used by mounting to a drill press, milling machine, lathe (work material rotates), etc. There are two types of material for cutting edge, mainly HSS (= high speed steel) and carbide, of which carbide is more durable.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Hole diameter (drill diameter) D(mm)
Groove Length L(mm)
work material
Tool Material Type
Overall Length L(mm)
Shank Type
Coating Y/N
Coating Type
With/without Oil Hole

    TDXL Thruster Drill 10D Type



    Product Series

    TDXL Thruster Drill 10D Type

    Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more
    Hole diameter (drill diameter) D(mm)10.1×10D
    Groove Length L(mm)140
    work materialgeneral steel[◎] / Cast Iron[◎] / Aluminum[◎]
    Tool Material TypeCobalt HSS
    Overall Length L(mm)205
    Shank Typestraight shank
    Coating Y/NAvailable
    Coating TypeOther
    With/without Oil HoleNA


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