Carbide Radius End Mills(Page6)

An online store for carbide radius end mills. In MISUMI's e-catalog, by setting conditions for specifications/standards such as blade diameter, radius size, compatible work materials, blade length, machining applications such as flat surface / side surface /groove, and coating presence, you can easily find the desired tool. A varied lineup including multi-blades for high hardness steel machining, products for aluminum machining with DLC coating, blade length difference, etc. is available.
[What is a carbide radius end mill?]
An end mill made of cemented carbide that mainly cuts with a round cutting edge on the bottom flute rim. It is mostly used for flat/curved surface cutting and also for applications similar to ball end mills, but the applicable curved surface shape is limited. In addition, since the cutting edge is rounded, the cutting edge tip does not get damaged, and can be used for rough cutting to perform high efficiency machining.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Blade diameter (D)(φ)
R Size(mm)
work material
Blade length (ℓ)(mm)
Number of flutes(sheet)
Overall Length (L)(mm)
Shank diameter (d)(mm)
Underneck length (ℓ1)(mm)
Machining Application
Torsion Angle (θ)
R Precision(μm)

    DCLRS Diamond Coating 4-Flute Long Neck Radius



    Product Series

    DCLRS Diamond Coating 4-Flute Long Neck Radius

    Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more
    Blade diameter (D)(φ)-
    R Size(mm)-
    work materialAluminum[○] / Copper[○] / Graphite[◎] / Resin[○]
    Blade length (ℓ)(mm)2 ~ 12
    Number of flutes(sheet)4
    TypeLong-Neck Radius
    Overall Length (L)(mm)50 ~ 120
    Shank diameter (d)(mm)4 ~ 6
    Underneck length (ℓ1)(mm)-
    Machining Application-
    CoatingDia Coat
    Torsion Angle (θ)Standard torsion (30-40°)
    R Precision(μm)±10


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