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An online store for garbage bags / sandbags. The MISUMI eCatalog makes it possible to easily search for products based on dimensions and specs such as capacity, product type, color, material (body), etc., with one click.
[What are garbage bags / sandbags?]
Various types of garbage bags are available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and thicknesses to suit the items being disposed of. We have an extensive lineup ranging from durable types for commercial use through to net types that can be used in the sinks of offices and factories.
Sandbags are bags that can be packed with soil or sand to prevent water and sediment migration and are used for emergency measures to mitigate flood damage and for civil engineering in general. Hemp sacks were commonly used for sand bags in the past, but polyethylene is currently the common material. The most common size is 500 mm × 800 mm.

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