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AND-25S-10 ND Filter 61-6878-26

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AND-25S-10 ND Filter
Part Number: 61-6878-26

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· Round filter for dimming visible light.
· Since it is an absorption type, there is less stray light due to reflection, and the wavelength characteristics of the transmitted light do not change significantly due to dimming.
· Transmittance is divided finely, so it can diminish to various light levels.
· Furthermore, combination of multiple filters allows fine adjustment of light intensity.
· If the absorption type fixed ND filter is placed close to the light source, the filter may break due to sudden temperature changes.
· If heat-reinforced, the filter will not crack even if the temperature rises.
· The dimensions for heat-reinforced filters are larger and may exceed the tolerance range.
· * Cannot be used with high power laser.
· * Use may lead to damage.
· * For high power lasers, use a reflective type ND filter (FND).
· * The thickness of the filter can be changed to obtain better transmittance characteristics, allowing adjustment to achieve desired transmittance performance.
· * Therefore, thickness varies depending on each filter (6 mm or less).
· * If you need to set to a certain thickness, use a framed filter (MAN).
· * Transmittance wavelength characteristics vary depending on production lot.
· * In particular, the outside wavelength properties of the compatible wavelengths may greatly vary according to production lot.
· * Use reflective filter (FND) if using wavelength wider than the specified wavelength.
· * Approximately 4% reflection since anti-reflection coating is not processed on the ND filter.
[Product Specifications]
· [ Common Specifications]
· Material: Optical Glass (Containing Optical Absorption Material)
· Compatible Wavelength: 400 to 700 nm
· [Individual Specifications]
· Outer Dimension A: 25 x 25 mm
· Visible Transmittance: 10 ± 2%

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