Super Flexible Fluorine Tube Clear Blue

Super Flexible Fluorine Tube Clear Blue

A multi-purpose, chemical-resistant hose/Teflon tube for customers who suffer from rigid and fragile hoses

·To supply ink to commercial ink jet printers
·To transfer organic solvents and paints used for painting equipment and printing equipment
·To transfer chemical solutions for physics and chemistry-use laboratory equipment etc.
· To transfer chemical solutions for semiconductor-related equipment and flat panel manufacturing equipment
·To transfer food and drink products for food and drink product machinery
· To transfer fatty acid esters such as biofuels (BDF) etc.
· To transfer chemical waste from industrial waste
· To transfer alcohol, cosmetics and chemicals
· To transfer chemical solutions for medical equipment, and used for endoscope forceps applications
· To transfer chemical solutions and pure water for fuel cell manufacturing facilities
· Filling lines for paints and adhesives
· Filling lines for perfumes, artificial colorings, and additives
· As an air pipe for clean rooms

[Characteristics, Functions]
· Chemical resistance ... As the inner layer is made of 4 fluoride fluororesin (ETFE), it is resistant to most chemicals.
· Flexibility... The laminated structure offers has excellent flexibility and improved workability when compared to commercially available fluorine-type single-layered tubes.
·Durable. Does not break easily when compared to commercially available fluorine type single-layered tubes. Even if it does break, it can be restored to something like its original state.
· Non-adhesive... Since fluororesin is used for the inner layer, it has excellent water repellency, is non-adhesive, leaves little residual fluid, and can be easily cleaned.
· Abrasion resistance ... Since fluororesin is used for the inner layer, it has excellent abrasion resistance, and can even withstand slurry type chemicals.
· Plasticizer free... Uses plasticizer-free non-oil materials, the main cause of eluates.
· Non-PVC... Uses non-PVC material.
· Low elution and low odor... Since there is little odor or eluate from resin, it is suitable for use with food and drink products and cosmetics.
· High purity... Since fluororesin used for the inner layer, it does not contain additives such as plasticizer, making it suitable for high purity chemical piping.
· Easy cutting.. Can be easily cut because the length is printed on the tube at 1 meter intervals.
· Transparency... Has a blue transparent color so that the contents can be checked.
· Safety... Prevent accidents caused by the wrong selection of tubes and fittings by combining with the dedicated fittings.
Japanese Food Sanitation... Conforms to the Standard for Foods and Additives (Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No.370, 1959)


Japanese Only

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipInner Diameter (φ) O.D.
Allowable Bending Radius at 20°C
Operating Pressure at 20°C
Quote 24150~0.61 ~ 100
5 Day(s) or more 35200~0.61 ~ 100
5 Day(s) or more 46250~0.61 ~ 100
5 Day(s) or more 68500~0.41 ~ 100
5 Day(s) or more 69350~0.61 ~ 100
5 Day(s) or more 812500~0.61 ~ 100


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Basic Information

Applicable Fluid / Usage Water / Chemical / Powder / Air / Foods / Oil / Ink, Paint / Solvent Cutting Service Usage Presence Properties Standard / Abrasion Resistance / Oil Resistance / Chemical Resistance / Low Elution / Flexibility / Solvent Resistance
Hose Material Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene + Urethane-Based Elastomer Joint Mount No Color Tone Clear Blue
Operating Temperature Range(℃) -20~80

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