Straight Fluororesin (PFA) Tube for Corrosion Resistance

Straight Fluororesin (PFA) Tube for Corrosion Resistance

Excellent chemical/heat resistance and weatherproofing. * Tube can be cut.


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Fluororesin Tube Specifications

Corrosion-resistant straight Fluororesin (PFA) Tube: related image

Usable fluids: air, water (see conditions*), chemicals, etc. (see conditions*)
Maximum operating pressure (at 20°C 65% RH): 2.4 MPa (SFT0420), 1.4 MPa (SFT0425, 0640), 1.0 MPa (SFT0860, 1075, 1290, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2), 0.8 MPa (SFT1080, 1210)*
Operating vacuum pressure: -100 kPa
Operating temperature range: -65 to +260°C (no freezing)
Tube color: clear

  • *When the fluid used is water or other chemicals, the following conditions must be observed.
  1. 1. When using water or other liquids, make sure the surge pressure stays below the maximum operating pressure.
  2. 2. Be sure to use an insert ring when using water or other liquids.
  3. 3. For chemicals, mixed gases, etc., compliance with the specifications may vary depending on usage conditions, so please check before using.

Compatible Sizes (Millimeter Size)

Outer Diameter (mm)φ4φ6φ8φ10φ12
Internal Diameter (mm)φ2φ2.5φ4φ6φ7.5φ8φ9φ10

Compatible Sizes (Inch Size)

Outer Diameter (mm)φ6.35φ9.53φ12.7
Internal Diameter (mm)φ4.57φ6.99φ9.56
FormatTube Outer Diameter
Tube Internal Diameter
Standard Overall Length
Minimum Bending Radius
Minimum Mounting Radius
SFT 0420-(2)-C-C425/2071022
SFT 0425-(2)-C-C42.55/20142018
SFT 0640-(2)-C-C645/20142036
SFT 0660-(2)-C-C865/20274050
SFT 1075-(2)-C-C107.55/20406078
SFT 1080-(2)-C-C1085/20507562
SFT 1290-(2)-C-C1295/204770112
SFT 1210-(2)-C-C12105/206710076
SFT 1/4-(2)-C-C6.354.575/20142034
SFT 3/8-(2)-C-C9.536.995/20406072
SFT 1/2-(2)-C-C12.79.565/204770120
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSOuter Dia. D
O.D. [Distinction] Inner Dia. d
I.D. [Distinction] Minimum Bending Radius
Operating Temperature Range (when using air)
Operating Pressure Range (when using air)
Length M
Tube overall length
Operating Vacuum Level
8 Day(s) or more -16~2013~1594-65~2600~0.855-100
3 Day(s) or more -16~2013~1594-65~2600~0.82020-100
8 Day(s) or more -16~2013~1594-65~2600~0.85050-100


  1. 1

Basic Information

Type Straight Cutting Service Usage Presence Material Fluororesin
Applicable Fluid Water / Air / Chemical Operating Environment Standard / Corrosion Resistant / Water Resistance / Heat resistant / Weather Resistance Color Transparency
Number of Core(Core) 1 Material, Fluororesin PFA

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