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TSC series carbide ball end mill (R accuracy ±3μm)

TSC series carbide ball end mill (R accuracy ±3μm)
  • Volume Discount

Ball end mill of the R Accuracy ± 3μm Series for machining everything from general steel to heat treated steel

  • TS
  • General Steel
  • 2 Flutes
  • S (Short)


TSC series carbide ball end mill (R accuracy ±3μm):Related Image

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipR Size
Flute Length (ℓ)
Overall Length (L)
R Precision
Outer Diameter D
Torsion Availability Figure Length Under Neck (θ)
Available 3 Day(s) or more 0.20.650±0.0030.4Included110°
Available 3 Day(s) or more 0.51.550±0.0031Included110°
Available 3 Day(s) or more 1350±0.0032Included110°
Available 3 Day(s) or more 1.54.560±0.0033Included110°
Available 3 Day(s) or more 2670±0.0034Included110°
Available 3 Day(s) or more 2.57.580±0.0035Included110°
Available 3 Day(s) or more 3990-0.005 ~ +0.0016Included2-


  1. 1


TSC series carbide ball end mill (R accuracy ±3μm):Related Image

  Flute Length
Outer Diameter
Overall Length
Shank Diameter
0.2 0.6 0.4 50 6 1
0.3 0.9 0.6 50 6 1
0.5 1.5 1 50 6 1
1 3 2 50 6 1
1.5 4.5 3 60 6 1
2 6 4 70 6 1
2.5 7.5 5 80 6 1
3 9 6 90 6 2

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More Information

The R tolerance range within 6 μm (our measured ratio) / shank diameter, tolerance h5 standard, has been adopted. The high-quality tools with a minimal quality variation are suitable for high-precision 3-dimensional mold machining.
The seamless shape (blade mounted in one step from the peripheral blade through to the rounded center) yields a flat and smooth blade runout surface.
The TS coating consisting of a nitride-based composite film with a fully crystalline structure means that it realizes a high oxidation resistance temperature and high hardness.
[ ! ] As this is a highly accurate product, if Misumi Q-Value re-grinding is not conducted, then the level of precision may not be reproducible.

TSC series carbide ball end mill (R accuracy ±3μm):Related Image

Basic Information

Model Bore Work Material General Steel / Heat-Treated Steel / High-Hardness Steel ~ HRC55 / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron / Aluminum / Copper Number of Flutes(sheet) 2
Coating For High Hardness (Silicone-Based) Shank Diameter (d)(mm) 6 Processing Applications Curved Surface / Side Surface / Carving / R-Groove
Inventory Classification Stocked Product

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