[Standard] XY-Axis Cross Roller / XY-Axis Linear Ball Slide


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Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSTable Size (Length) L (Range Selectable)
Table Size (Width) W (Range Selectable)
Load Capacity (Range Selectable)
Travel Distance (X-Axis) (Range Selectable)
Travel Distance (Y-Axis) (Range Selectable)
Table Size (Thickness) H (Range Selectable)
Table Size (Length) L
Table Size (Width) W
Load Capacity
Travel Distance (X-Axis)
Travel Distance (Y-Axis)
Table Size (Thickness) H
Table Straightness
Table Parallelism
Moment Rigidity (Pitching)
Moment Rigidity (Yawing)
Moment Rigidity (Rolling)
Available 3 Day(s) or more 10~25~255~30~±10mm~±10mm25.1~3025259.8(14.7)±3.2±3.23030604.835.74.83
Same day 1026~4026~405~30~±10mm~±10mm35.1~40404017.6(49)±6.5±6.54030600.660.840.66
Available 3 Day(s) or more 1041~6041~605~30~±10mm~±10mm35.1~40505028(127.5)±6.5±6.54030600.350.40.35
Same day 1041~6041~6030.1~50~±10mm~±10mm35.1~40606044.1(196)±6.5±6.54030600.190.220.19
Same day 1061~9061~9050.1~100~±10mm~±10mm35.1~40808093.1(392)±6.5±6.54030600.090.10.09
Available Same day 1061~9061~90100.1~±10~30mm±10~30mm35.1~409090110(441)±12.5±12.54030600.090.10.09
Available 3 Day(s) or more 1091~12091~120100.1~±10~30mm±10~30mm35.1~40100100140(490)±12.5±12.54030600.110.140.11
Available 3 Day(s) or more 1091~12091~120100.1~±10~30mm±10~30mm35.1~40120120180(588)±25±254030600.040.040.04


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Basic Information

Feeding Method Micrometer Head Table Material Aluminum Alloy Table Surface Treatment Black Anodize
Travel Guide Cross Roller Through Hole (Table Center Hole) Not Provided Feed Knob Position Side
Clamp Standard Reversed Standard Feeding Method (Micrometer Type) Standard
Feeding Method (Feeding Pitch)(mm) 0.5

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