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What type of washers are you using?

Is there an easier way to find the washer that suit my requirement?

 Yes, definitely! MISUMI provides all types of washers. Search for the type you need easily using our eCatalog.

Washer Types and Usage Guidelines

Flat Washer

For universal application

Place the washer under the bolt or nut in order to spread the force and increase the mounting area to make the bolt or nut fit tightly.

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Tooth Washer
Tooth dimensions on tooth washer

Tooth Washers help keep things fixed and prevent loosening under the state of vibration. It can be used in conjunction with Flat Washers.

Spring Washer

Other specifications of Washers are also available in MISUMI.
You can select the Washers dimensions, surface
treatment and brands easily from our eCatalog.

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Check and choose the type of Washers you need from MISUMI! Save the hassle of frequent maintenance and prevent potential accidents.


If you faced any problem with ordering, MISUMI can help you.

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