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Shop from Various Types of Hex Wrenches for your needs.
Hex Wrenches

Hex Wrenches are tools used when securing or loosening hex socket head bolts (cap bolts) or hex socket head set screws. They feature tips with regular hexagonal head shape. There are various types of shapes, including screwdriver type, straight-shape, L-shape, T-shape, and foldable.

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As a top Tool Supplier, TRUSCO worked to build a system that supplies a wide range of diverse tools, maintaining high inventory levels to support customers' needs promptly.

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Established in 1938, in Osaka, Japan, Tone has started off as a professional tool manufacturer and committed to provide “bolting solutions for every industry.” Tone is focused on continuous development and manufacturing of high quality bolting tools for various industries worldwide.

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MISUMI is a 1 stop solution provider that meets manufacturing needs of Companies, supplying the market with standard components for Factory Automation, Press Die and Plastic Mold. In addition to components for production equipment, the range has also expanded into electronics, tools and products for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

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More Information on Hex Wrenches

Hex Wrenches

Tools for tightening and removing bolts and flat-head screws with hexagon sockets, etc.


  • Check socket width (mm), bolt hex socket and mounting screw
  • Choose the material, strength and type of the hex wrench to suit the application.
  • Size in "inch" is available.

How to use the Hex Wrenches

How to use the Hex Wrenches

Choose the type and size which is suitable for use. Should be used according to the instruction manual to reduce damage to equipment and to work effectively. For example: User should tighten to fit the torque before exerting force. Because if exerting too much force with loose fit, It may damage the hex or screw head. After each use, it should be wiped clean and re-wiped with oil again to prevent the tool from rusting.

Hex Wrenches, round head

Hex Wrenches, round head

As the round type has less strength than the standard type, it must be used correctly. When choosing, be careful not to match the screw diameter and slot width.

Long Hex Wrenches

Long Hex Wrenches - the general shape is an L. One side is short and the other side is long. Made of strong metal material. Good resistance to abrasion and does not rust easily. It is a standard wrench that can be seen in most mechanics. Suitable for tightening and loosening screws, bolts and nuts within assembly and maintenance works.

Short Neck Hex Wrenches

Short Neck Hex Wrenches - its structure is similar to a long hexagon wrench. The difference is the neck of the wrench is shorter. This makes it possible to use in tight spaces. Therefore, it is commonly used in general mechanic work such as furniture assembly or use as a clamp to adjust the workpiece, etc.

Screwdriver Hex Wrenches

Screwdriver Hex Wrenches have a distinctive look, compared to general hex wrenches. As the head of the handle is screwdriver type and consists of a hexagonal metal bar which is a special feature that can be used to screw in and out continuously by turning and loosening the screws or bolts. Therefore, it makes it popular to be used in general mechanic works.

T Shape Hex Wrench

The T Shape Hex Wrench is nromally recognised by its long handle and its tightening part is connected in a shape similar to that of a T. Non-rubberized and rubber-covered which is a special feature which allows it to rotate more comfortably.It has more torque than other types of hex wrench. Therefore, it is popular to use in many deep and heavy works such as maintenance of machinery etc.

Ball Point Hex Wrenches

Ball Point Hex Wrenches have a distinctive feature at the end of the handle. The long side is equipped with a hexagon ball wrench which can be used to tighten and loosen screws or bolts at an angle of 25-30. The short side is a regular hexagon head that makes it easier to tighten and loosen the screws. It is more resistant to torque than a general hexagon wrench. Therefore, it is suitable for use in assembly and maintenance of various workpieces with a narrow working area.

Hex Wrench Set

Hex Wrench Set - In a set of Hex Wrench tools, there are hex wrenches in various sizes (long and short). It is available in a boxed wrench set. Ring wrench set and a set of folding wrenches, etc., each of which is designed to be portable and easy to store. It is more cost effective than buying it separately, piece by piece. It can be used in assembly and maintenance work for a wider variety of workpieces.

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