Wasan Teyasingh

Senior Marketing Manager

“At Misumi you get to learn new things every day, so Misumi is like a school to me”

What do you do at Misumi?

This is my 12th year working for Misumi Thailand. My current position is EC and SEM senior manager under the marketing team. EC and SEM stands for E- commerce and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.

What does Misumi mean to you?

My educational background did not quite match the qualification of the first position I joined at Misumi, but the company was open enough to give someone like me an opportunity to learn new things. For me, since that day Misumi is like a school to me. During the first year, I get to learn new things every single day.

What makes you feel excited when you come to work?

Misumi is a very dynamic company. Since I’ve started work here, I was able to take on various functions within the company, so when I changed my position, it’s like I have entered a new territory, which really keeps me on my feet.