Jittimas Chaongew

Deputy VG Procurement Manager

“Misumi is a very big company, we have many products and brands for our customers to choose – which is very challenging for me. It’s a great chance for me to improve my skills.”

What do you do at Misumi?

My work is to support front-end functions within the company such assisting the sales team to make everything smooth, researching the customers’ need, resolving any error on our system, and planning how to cut down cost to provide a competitive price to our customers.

How did you hear about Misumi?

When I used to live in Japan, I knew Misumi as a customer. Misumi provides many products from several brands. Also, I find it very easy choose and order the most suitable product. When I was a part of the team that manages the back-end functions within the company, we have to prepare everything which includes large amounts of data and fulfilling the necessary conditions to be able to fully support our customer. It’s very challenging for me because we get to take on new challenges everyday, which enables me to improve myself.

What would you like to say to someone who would like to join Misumi?

Misumi is a leading company that provides their service via e-commerce. If you would like to challenge yourself, Misumi is the place for you.