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Oil Caps

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  • Oil Plug, NK Type (Screw-in)

    Oil Plug, NK Type (Screw-in)


    [Features] • A screw-in oil plug with an air bleeding hole and seal. · Not usable with iron screw-in fittings.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s) or more
  • Oil Plug - OK Type (Push-in Type)

    Oil Plug - OK Type (Push-in Type)


    Push-in oil plugs.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Air Breather KRM-AB Model

    Air Breather KRM-AB Model


    [Features] ▪ The body of the equipment has further improved features of oil cap A type and is structured by a cover that has excellent functionality. ▪ It is possible to insert a filter between the cover and the unit. ▪ The equipment is available with a resin filter as well as a metal (sintered metal) filter. ▪ The central unit is designed such that it does not directly receive the dissemination of oil, but this functionality is further improved by the installation of a guard plate. ▪ Custom production can be provided to supply products that meet needed usage conditions. ▪ The standard color of the main unit is black, and that of the cover is red.

    Days to Ship
    9 Day(s) or more
  • Oil Stopper - KRM-B Type

    Oil Stopper - KRM-B Type


    Screw machining is no longer needed. [Features] · There is always an oil port and combined air hole for a machine crank chamber or gear pan. · This product is a required oil cap for an the oil filling hole. · Formerly, when a cap with screws was used, and the screw machining was not needed. · This product is developed to omit the machining. *Air hole type is standard, but it is also available without air hole.

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s) or more
  • Opening and Closing Type Oil-Cap KRM-AD Model

    Opening and Closing Type Oil-Cap KRM-AD Model


    [Features] ▪ The equipment can be easily installed, without thread processing. ▪ The oil tank is designed in such a way that the air inside the oil tank does not make the oil leak but makes the oil to discharge from the tank. ▪ It is a synthetic resin product that has excellent oil resistance. ▪ The equipment is easy to install and remove.

    Days to Ship
    9 Day(s) or more


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