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Other Coupler, One-Touch Joint Related Components

Days to Ship
  • ALL
  • 3 Day(s) or Less
  • 5 Day(s) or Less
  • 6 Day(s) or Less
  • 32 Day(s) or Less
  • Band Clamp/Hose Nipple Band Clamp

    Band Clamp/Hose Nipple Band Clamp


    Band clamp used when using bamboo shoot metal fitting for low-pressure hoses.

    Days to Ship
    32 Day(s) or more
  • Coupling Protection Series Absorle

    Coupling Protection Series Absorle


    Coupling cover that is easy to attach and remove. Reduces damage caused by work contact. [Features] · Easily attached and removed coupling cover. · Retrofitting type that can be attached to existing piping as-is. · Work protection. · Reduces damage caused by work contact.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s) or more
  • QUICK-TEST weld Stud

    QUICK-TEST weld Stud


    A coupling connection port can be made easily by welding work.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • QUICK-TEST Adapter

    QUICK-TEST Adapter


    Can be used in combination with coupling (100-12.002).

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • Coupling Protection Series, Joint Rap

    Coupling Protection Series, Joint Rap


    Prevents damage caused by coupling falls or collisions.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)


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  • Type

  • Joint Type

    • Threaded Type
    • Tapped Type
    • With One-Touch Coupling
    • For Hose Mounting
    • For Tube Mounting
    • Nut Tightening
  • Male/Female

    • Plug (Male)
    • Socket (Female)
    • Male, Female Set
    • Male and Female Branch
  • Body Material

    • Steel
    • Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)
    • Stainless Steel (SUS316)
    • Brass
    • Aluminum
    • Resin
  • Seal Material

    • NBR
    • Fluororubber
    • EPDM
    • Not Provided
  • Applicable Fluid

    • Water
    • Air
    • Water Vapor
    • Oil
    • Powder
  • Valve Structure

    • Single Passage Opening Closing Type
    • Dual Passage Opening Type
  • Operating Environment, Applications

    • Standard
    • Vacuum
    • Plant Plumbing
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Physicochemical Equipment
    • Food and Beverage Manufacturing Equipment
  • Number of Branches and Connections

    • 2
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