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Fittings for Stainless Steel Pipes(Page6)

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  • Mechanical Fitting T for Stainless Steel Pipes

    Mechanical Fitting T for Stainless Steel Pipes


    Mechanical type tube fitting developed for stainless steel pipes. A highly reliable fitting with superb corrosion resistance and heat resistance, which optimizes the special characteristics of lightweight and strong stainless steel piping. [Features] · Zlok® is a mechanical pipe fitting that has been developed for stainless steel piping. · Highly reliable fitting benefits from the light and strong characteristics of stainless steel pipes, and has superior corrosion and heat resistance properties. · The packing has stable sealing properties over the long term due to a structure with appropriate pressure applied to the surface. · A fluorine rubber material with superior durability, heat resistance, and resistance against aqueous chlorine that satisfies leaching standards when it is used as a water supply device is used in the packing. · Because the connector between the pipe and the fitting has a tapered surface and is tightened using a nut, a strong connecting force is achieved by the so-called wedge effect. · The packing does not have to be removed from the fitting while laying pipe. · Furthermore, because piping cannot be done unless pipe ends are expanded, pipes do not fall out. · Loose pipes can be found easily using a unique indicator that distinguishes between hand tightened and fully tightened pipes. · When final tightening is forgotten, water will leak from fittings during water pressure tests, thus allowing loose pipes to be detected. · Expanded pipes can be corrected easily using an automatic machine after pipe setting. · The pipe can easily be held and secured because the connector between the pipe and the fitting is not prone to wobbling.

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