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  • Ribstar G (Rubber V Ribbed Belt)

    Ribstar G (Rubber V Ribbed Belt)


    This is a belt equipped with both the high transmission of a V belt and the flexibility of a flat belt. [Features] - High transmission capacity is gained. (Transmission capacity per unit length is 35 – 50% greater than with a standard V belt. - Capable of high-speed transmission - (The belt weight is light and produces less heat. ) - It has low noise and smooth transmission with little vibration. - High transmission efficiency is gained (approximately 98% transmission efficiency under normal use conditions). - It can assume a compact design. - Maintenance-free and long life

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  • Poly Max Belts

    Poly Max Belts


    Wide angle belt with an angle of 60°. [Features] - Ideal for specifications with machines that cannot tolerate the generation of vibration due to belt runout, and vertical -axis drives which suffer from the occurrence of belt separation (belt attached horizontally).

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  • Ribstar U (Polyurethane V Ribbed Belt)

    Ribstar U (Polyurethane V Ribbed Belt)


    A belt with the features of a flat belt and a V belt that is made of polyurethane. [Features] - The Mitsuboshi Ribstar belt is designed with the excellent transmission efficiency of the V belt and the flexibility of the flat belt. - The primary material polyurethane has excellent wear resistance and oil resistance.

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