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Brackets for Manual Stage

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  • L-Shaped Mounting Bracket

    L-Shaped Mounting Bracket


    This is a black-anodized matte bracket made of aluminum alloy. [Features] · The SB-7002 and the SB-7003 can mount an X stage to use it as a Z stage, change the traveling direction from vertical to horizontal, or mount a rotating stage to change the rotation axis 90°. · Because of the T-shaped body, it can be attached on both the front and the back sides. · Large offset load will not be applied because the center of load does not come out of the external shape of the bracket. · The SB-402 and the SB-403 are brackets that are used for erecting the long working stages LS-414L1 and LS-414L2 respectively

    Days to Ship
    10 Day(s)
  • Z-Axis Bracket

    Z-Axis Bracket


    [Features] · 90°SB-301 can be used as a Z-axis stage by mounting an X-axis stage, convert the moving direction from vertical to the horizontal, and convert the rotating axis by 90° by mounting a rotating stage. · The T-shaped bracket can be mounted on both the front and rear surfaces. · The load center does not occur in the outside of the external shape of the bracket. Therefore, no large unbalanced load is generated. · SB-402 and SB-403 are brackets for using long travel stages LS-414L1 and LS-414L2 in a standing position, respectively.

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