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Carbide Burr

Days to Ship
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  • 3 Day(s) or Less
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  • Carbide bur

    Carbide bur


    [Features] - Realizes excellent sharpness by an ideal cutting blade shape design.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s) or more
  • Carbide Alloy Rotating File

    Carbide Alloy Rotating File【1-3 Pieces Per Package】


    Made from carbide that is perfect for using on hard metals, masonry or glass.

    Days to Ship
    7 Day(s)
  • Carbide bur

    Carbide bur


    The chips are made easily to come out by making the tip mount big and it is suitable for deep cuts.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Carbide Bur (for Aluminum)

    Carbide Bur (for Aluminum)


    [Features] - Sharpness make for good and smooth machining. - Difficult to clog even with light metal or non-ferrous machining due to the blade shape of the aluminum cut and it is possible for smooth machining. [Applications] - Burr removing and chamfering of aluminum diecast, etc.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s) or more


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