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  • Polynet

    Polynet【50-250 Pieces Per Package】


    [Features] - A stretchable net for the protection of products during shipment. - Packaging of long objects is easy because the length can be cut as desired. - Packaging of long objects is easy because the length can be cut for the desired use.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Packaging Tape Rotary Base "Kurukuru Combo"

    Packaging Tape Rotary Base "Kurukuru Combo"


    [Features] - The device undergoes rotary motion, making it possible to smoothly remove air bubbles. - Designed to improve packaging efficiency. - About 5 mm of the cutter blade fits into the groove of the cutter guide to make cutting easy. [Applications] - Storage and cutting of air bubble cushion and single cardboard roll material.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Envelope With Cushion "Guard Boy"

    Envelope With Cushion "Guard Boy"【10-15 Pieces Per Package】


    [Features] - Has excellent buffering properties, water resistance and moisture prevention properties. - Sealing work is easy because it is tape-equipped. [Applications] - Delivery of all sorts of parts such as home appliance parts, machine parts and architectural parts. - Delivery of documents and portfolios, catalogs, calendars, photographs, films, books and the like. - Delivery of AV products such as DVDs, MDs, CDs and the like.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Air Quick-α

    Air Quick-α


    With a production speed of 8 m/minute, a large amount of cushioning material can be produced in a short time.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s) or more
  • Packaging Stand (Portable Model)

    Packaging Stand (Portable Model)


    [Features] ・ Achieves greater packaging work efficiency. ・ Convenient because it can be hand carried.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)


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