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Hand Dryer

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  • Air Towel (Hot Air Type)

    Air Towel (Hot Air Type)


    【Feature】 High power heated air blow (air flow speed of 120 m/s) shortens drying time. Made entirely of antibacterial resin for maximum hygiene. The top and bottom units are detachable and space-saving. 【Use】 For hand drying.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Navi Hand Dryer
    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Hand Drier EA763YD-3A

    Hand Drier EA763YD-3A


    【Product Specifications】 ・Power Supply …AC100V(50/60Hz) ・Driving System …Jet Warm breeze System ・Size …250(W)×157(D)×470(H)mm ・Weight …4kg ・Drying Time (Heater On)…Strong :About 4 to 8Second 、Weak :About 8 to 16Second ・Air Speed …Strong :100m/s、Weak :75m/s ・Warm breeze …Strong :595W、Weak :430W ・Fittings Way …Wall Hanging Type ・The Water Drip Receiver Can Be Easily Taken Out To Be Cleaned Up.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s)
  • Hand Drier EA763YD-4

    Hand Drier EA763YD-4


    【Product Specifications】 ・Power supply-AC100V, 50/60Hz ・Power consumption-High:745W , low:495W ・No heater ・Drying time-4 to 6 seconds ・Air speed-110m/s (Strong) ・Wall hanging type ・Size-300(W)x189(D)x670(H)mm ・Weight-7.7kg ・A slim design of a thickness of 169mm at the thinnest point. Thin and space-saving, it can be installed at variety of places.

    Days to Ship
  • Standby d Dyson Air Blade dB Stand Set
    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s)


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