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General Purpose Tools (Options, Others)(Page2)

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  • Joint Fishing Master Jr.

    Joint Fishing Master Jr.


    [Features] • Reduces labor of call line, communication and wiring installation (rod extension and wire connection that works in seconds). Optimal for applications such as hollow walls, confined spaces, and cable racks. • Extendable to achieve any required length. (Insertion pulls longer than 10 m or 20 m can also be used) [Application] • Reduces the labor involved in wiring operations for call wires and communication wires.

    Days to Ship
  • Wire Reel

    Wire Reel


    [Features] ● Includes outlets on each side for easy set-up. ● Stackable. ● Easy extraction from inside without damaging the vinyl. [Application] ● Ideal for wire storage.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s)
  • VA Wire Stripper Belt Holster

    VA Wire Stripper Belt Holster


    [Features] - Used to stow VA wire strippers. Carry in your belt for more efficiency. [Use] - For stowing VA wire strippers and other tools.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s)
  • POWER CAGE CLAMP® Operation Tool

    POWER CAGE CLAMP® Operation Tool


    Tool for connecting and disconnecting 285 Series high-current rail mount terminal blocks (50 mm²/95 mm²).

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s)


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