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Conductive Tapes

  • Shield Copper Foil Tape

    Shield Copper Foil Tape


    [Features] - Special copper foil shield tape. - Demonstrates high conductivity due to wrapping or pasting the shield copper foil. - Can use for electro magnetic wave shield, as a removal of static electricity and earth wiring, and for the fixing of electric poles.

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  • Conductive Fabric Tape E05R Series

    Conductive Fabric Tape E05R Series


    It has excellent flexibility and bendability [Features] - It has excellent flexibility and bendability. - It is a product that takes environmental measures by not using halogen (chlorine, bromine). - Since the surface of the EO5K series is black matches excellently with black peripheral devices.

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    3 Day(s) or more
  • Metal Foil Tape E13 Series

    Metal Foil Tape E13 Series


    Conductive adhesive on metal foil is employed [Features] - Copper foil, aluminum foil are used as the materials, and because it is coated with a conductive adhesive on one side a stable ground plane is obtained as well as a high shielding effect. - Good conductivity is obtained in both the thickness direction and the longitudinal direction.

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    3 Day(s) or more


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