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  • ML Ground Sockets, ML Fall-off Preventive Ground Sockets

    ML Ground Sockets, ML Fall-off Preventive Ground Sockets


    ML ground line plugs ML retainer ground line plugs

    Days to Ship
    47 Day(s)
  • Rainproof Type Wiring Accessories (Sockets)

    Rainproof Type Wiring Accessories (Sockets)


    Rain proof plug socket for protection against rain [Features] - Rain proof earth double plug socket with an earth terminal. - As the plug insterion slots have an attached cover when not in use it is difficult for water and dust to enter. - As the plug slot is a retaining type it will not easily pull out due to the weight of the cord or unintentional pulling on the cord. - As the edge of the insertion area of the plug is transparent the plug is easily inserted and retracted. - As there is an insulation attachment block included, it can be used safely in places with a non-metallic covering or a metallic covering. - An earth terminal is included for connection of earth wiring.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • [Earth Terminal / Sockets] for Equipment

    [Earth Terminal / Sockets] for Equipment


    [Features] - Not JIS "Medical". - Use for any application other than medical. - To increase reliability of the ground, the grounding lead wire is riveted and caulked. (Length: 150 mm; thickness 2 mm²). - Recommended example of separating by color by power supply type of general wiring equipment for medical facilities.

    Days to Ship
    47 Day(s)
  • [Embedded Sockets] for Equipment

    [Embedded Sockets] for Equipment


    General wiring instruments for medical facilities use (retaining type, hook type) [Features] - It is not complaint with JIS "Medical use". - Please use it for purposes other than "Medical use". - To increase the reliability of the grounding, the grounding lead wire and has rivet caulking (length 150 mm, thickness 2 mm²). - One recommended example is to use the colors to identify the proper use of power supplies for general wiring instruments of medical facilities.

    Days to Ship
    47 Day(s)
  • ML High Capacity Sockets, Information Sockets (Modular Type)

    ML High Capacity Sockets, Information Sockets (Modular Type)


    ML high capacity plug/plug for information [Features] - Terminal without screws: Since the terminal is a screw less method, connection is completed just by inserting the telephone wire that has been peeled off. - With self down method dust prevention shutter: When the plug is pulled out the door automatically closes, preventing trash and dust from entering. - Possible to combine with TV terminal, etc.: Possible to mount continuously with power plugs and TV terminals

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s) or more
  • ML Earth Terminal

    ML Earth Terminal


    Ground terminal.

    Days to Ship
    47 Day(s)


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