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  • USB Slim Keyboard

    USB Slim Keyboard


    Thin compact keyboard which reduces superfluousness. [Features] - Thin compact keyboard which reduces superfluousness being standard type and no ten key type keyboards. - Possible to secure cable in three directions left, right and middle on the rear of products. - Despite being a flexible keyboard it is a space saving model 345 mm wide (SKB-SL17 series). - Ultra space saving keyboard width 293 mm. Along with the elimination of the 10 number key section, excess space in the gaps on the keyboard have been reduced to an extreme (SKB-SL18 series). - Pantograph type key touch similar to a laptop computer.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)
  • USB Keyboard

    USB Keyboard


    A 3.5 m long cable standard USB keyboard with standard Japanese array

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Keyboard with Stand

    Keyboard with Stand


    It is a keyboard with a stand that can be raised when it gets in the way. [Features] - It is a keyboard with a stand that can be raised when it gets in the way. - A new standard array, it is an array with one sleep key mounted the to the 109A array. - It is equipped with a thin membrane and offers a reliable, comfortable and nimble key touch. - It is the USB-PS/2 combo type.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • Slim Keyboard

    Slim Keyboard


    Slim keyboard constructed so keys do not detach.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)
  • Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

    Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard


    A folding keyboard compatible with Phone 5 and the iPad [Features] - A foldable type compatible with both the iPad series and iPhone series. - Silicon keys are used. - Equipped with convenient "Home" and "Volume Control" buttons when using the iPad and iPhone. - Compatible with BluetoothVer.3.0, which has decreased power-usage specifications. - Uses a silicon keyboard that is easy on the hands. - An economic design allowing for repeated use with a built-in battery

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)



    Full flat keyboard COOL LEAF version 2 for easy cleaning of the input surface [Features] - Product has been realized through the putting together of design and development of nurtured technology in the form of the Minebea keyboard (input device), writing device (back lit light guide) and measurement device (force sensor). - The mirror panel is a unique design that permits wording to be formed using a back lit light guide being a functional tool envisioned to be used for advanced intellectual use such as in hospital theaters and in darkened home theaters for projection purposes.

    Days to Ship
    42 Day(s)
  • USB Numeric Keypad

    USB Numeric Keypad


    Isolation type numeric keypad for Mac [Features] - Isolation type with easy-input independent keys. - Isolation type numeric keypad that doesn't catch long nails, peace of mind for women.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)


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