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  • Supporter

    Supporter【25-50 Pieces Per Package】


    Use to support insulated electric wires in low voltage equipment [Features] - Eliminates the labor of processing insulators by hand, as in the past. - There are 2 types: a double-sided nut type (S, T, D types) and a nut and bolt type (SB, TB, DB types). And there are a large number of varieties with differing heights and diameters, so you can use depending on purpose. - Excellent insulation properties (creepage line-circuit voltage 2.5kV or more), it is lightweight and does not crack. - From the conventional polypropylene supporter, we created a compact type with a height of 35 mm and a diameter of ø 20 (resin part). - Because it is compact, it does not interfere with adjacent screws, etc. and is suitable as intermediate supports for bus bars

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s) or more
  • EIA Rack Slide Table NST Series

    EIA Rack Slide Table NST Series


    EIA rack slide table (NST) [Features] - Firm fixing can be done with the attachment of the enhanced fitting. - With the attachment of the lock fitting, fallout is prevented when drawing out the table and protrusion. - The table can be used in reverse, and used for drawing. - Please use with the accessory protective sponge adhered to the left and right on the inside. - Please check since on rare occasions the opening dimension of the rack can be located in different locations.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s) or more
  • Wide EIA Rack Storage Shelf SRE Series

    Wide EIA Rack Storage Shelf SRE Series


    Broad EIA rack storage shelf (SRE) [Features] - 19 inch EIA standard rack storage shelf. - Also possible to attach a 19 inch cabinet rack. - Due to its breadth the storage surface can be used effectively. - It comes in beige and black which can be chosen to suit the device. - SRE44-315/420 shelf and side shelf are put together as one unit. - The opening dimensions of the rack on rare occasions varies according to the manufacturer, so please confirm this.

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s) or more
  • High Anchor
    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s) or more
  • Eye Bolts

    Eye Bolts【10-200 Pieces Per Package】


    Please use as a bolt hanging for hanging all types of panels [Features] - It has been produced on the basis of the JIS-B1168 standard.

    Days to Ship
    18 Day(s)
  • KP Cleat (PBT)

    KP Cleat (PBT)


    For supporting low-voltage busbars at 70 mm pitch and collective three-phase. [Features] ・ It is light and sturdy, made of PBT with glass fibers having excellent electric characteristics and mechanical strength. ・ A compact design with 70 mm bus pitch that effectively utilizes the space within the board. ・ Compatible with busbars (buses) of thickness 4 mm to 8 mm. ・ RoHS-compliant.

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s)
  • Nut Anchor

    Nut Anchor【50-100 Pieces Per Package】


    For suspension from concrete ceilings [Features] - Can be cut to the required size, contributing to a reduction in stck and management activities. - Used with a specific head.

    Days to Ship
    32 Day(s)
  • Switch Crossing Bar

    Switch Crossing Bar【100 Pieces Per Package】


    Please use for switch crossover wiring [Features] - Use as crossover wiring of common line of switches for wiring rationalization. - The exposed part is insulation coated, so is safe. - Insert shape is made into fork (Y shape). - Mounting and dismounting can be done easily. - Tidies wiring, particularly for control panels with many switches.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)
  • Tapered Anchor

    Tapered Anchor【25-100 Pieces Per Package】


    For suspending ducts and pipes. [Features] - Oxygen-free copper (electric tin plated) braid type terminal (BT type)

    Days to Ship
    32 Day(s) or more
  • Adjustable Fixing Bar

    Adjustable Fixing Bar


    [Features] - Construction with single surface mounting is simple. - Used for mounting a box on a lightweight partition wall. - There is no need to buy a full set of the included items for each kind and size of lightweight stud and the box can be mounted with this one. - By mounting one side, it is convenient in those cases where the box is mounted in places where the gap between studs is narrow and the like (it can be used even if cut). - Since double sided tape is included, temporary attaching can be done and mounting on lightweight studs is simple. - With the manufacturer's slide box, because holes for mounting are set, it can be easily mounted in the adjustment and fixing bar sensor (vertical) position (excluding a portion). - With the KGP-230 (overall length 230 mm), if the studs are set at 450 mm intervals, the box can be mounted in any location. - In addition, if it is mounted flush with the edge of the stud, the slide box (thickness 36 mm) can be mounted precisely.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)
  • SS Bushing

    SS Bushing【100 Pieces Per Package】


    Please use introductory bushing for the shaft to open and close the door [Features] - When locking the door the bushing teper smoothly introduces the shaft into the lock slot. - Protection against vibration sounds when there is a vibration. - When opening and closing the lock shaft there will be no peeling off of enamel around the lock opening and there is rust prevention. - The attachment of the SS bushing is a one touch process of simply pushing it in.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)
  • Accessories for Drain Evaporator for Cooling Equipment (Installation Brackets)

    Accessories for Drain Evaporator for Cooling Equipment (Installation Brackets)


    Accessories for drain evaporator (installation brackets)

    Days to Ship
    43 Day(s)


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