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  • High Voltage Ground Relay AGF

    High Voltage Ground Relay AGF


    High Pressure Ground Fault Relay / AGF [Features] ・ For grounding radio wave noise arcs. ・ High operating reliability. ・ Strong against radio wave noise and is reliable in arc grounding accidents etc. ・ OTG-N and OTG-D type ground fault relay and zero-phase-sequence current transformer. ・ Each one can be interchanged (can also be used in any combination, since they all fall within the error range of JIS regulations). ・ As precise electric current setting is possible, coordination is easy. ・ All models feature alarm terminals.

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    5 Day(s) or more
  • Static Type Reverse Power Relay K2WR

    Static Type Reverse Power Relay K2WR


    Static Reverse Power Relay K2WR [Features] ・ High-precision power detection is performed by the analog time division multiplier. ・ Supports power generator ratings via the rated voltage switching and analog variance of the settling current. ・ Shared input voltage means that control power is not required. ・ A static type that is strong against shock and vibration, making for stable operation. ・ With a test pushbutton, circuit function checks and external sequence checks are possible. ・ Equipped with startup indicating LEDs, making it convenient for management and maintenance.

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    5 Day(s)
  • Digital Type Voltage Relay K2VU / K2VA

    Digital Type Voltage Relay K2VU / K2VA


    Digital Overvoltage Relay K2VU / K2VA [Features] ・ Easily coordinated digital UVR / OVR with a wide range of settling taps. ・ In combination with an automatic tester, relay testing is easy. ・ Can measure voltage values. ・ Reliability is improved through the continuous monitoring function. ・ Operation checks can be easily performed in forced operations via the test switch. ・ Compact and with a depth of 88.5 mm (excluding terminal block) whose outer dimensions conform to DIN standards.

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    5 Day(s)
  • Relay K2GS

    Relay K2GS


    Relay K2GS [Features] ・ A highly functional ground fault direction relay that handles diversifying ground fault accidents. ・ Equipped with a feeder priority blocker for coordination during multi-step installation. ・ In order to improve reliability, it is equipped with a circuit for blocking the effects of radio waves, and a lock circuit for preventing malfunctions from low-frequency vibration when resolving issues on other lines. ・ Equipped with a device for setting zero phase operating voltage, thereby avoiding the effects of residual voltage. ・ Has a built-in filter for more stable operation against wave distortion during accidents. ・ Has a display for displaying the signal level, enabling easy performance testing and checking of the remaining amount.

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