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  • Digital Heater Break Alarm K8AC

    Digital Heater Break Alarm K8AC


    Digital heater burnout alarm K8AC. [Features] - [Precision heater burnout alarm featuring high resolution digital measuring device] - 1 burnout alarm for multiple heater circuits is possible. Slight current change during burnout can be detected with digital recognition processing. [Wiring labor hours reduced with screwless clamp terminals] (Type K8AC-H2 series only) - With non loosening screwless clamp terminals, reduces tightening torque control and retorquing operations, contributing to a reduction in labor hours. - The wiring operation is easily done simply by inserting the coated bar terminal (sleeve terminal) into the terminal part. [Built in easy scaling of external CT ratio and CT through number of turns setting] (Type K8AC-H2 series only) - Easy scaling setting simply by inputting ① CT ratio and ② CT through number of turns. [2 types serialized to match heater control methods] - The lineup has heater burnout alarms for heaters with ON/OFF control, phase control and cycle control. [Can detect overcurrent due to heater layer short and SSR mafunction] - Not only heater burnout alarm from overcurrent detection setting, but can also detect overcurrent due to layer short. - Can detect SSR short or open faults by monitoring heater current and control output from the temperature controller. - With SSR breakdown detection, it can quickly discover any inability to control temperature. [Phase control heater burnout alarm capable] (K8AC-HP type) - Shifts the burnout detection value to match the control output amount from the temperature controller. - With phase or cycle control, the temperature controller current output (4 – - 20 mA) signal is the level by which the output power is analog controlled. - With type K8AC-H, by shifting the heater burnout alarm value in sync with the control output amount from the temperature controller, - A stable heater burnout alarm is achieved. - Can respond to the power controller gradient setting. - When setting the power controller gradient, please set the gate current level to correspond to the gradient setting.

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  • Heater Break Alarm K2CU

    Heater Break Alarm K2CU


    Heater burnout alarm K2CU [Features] - Catches burnout in heaters from small to high capacity. - Detects burnout in molding and packing machine heaters and raises an alarm. - With high precision detection capability, can detect one burnout in multiple heaters. - Compatible with a wide range of heaters from small to high capacity. - Type K2CU-F large capacity CT integrated type, one unit is compatible with both single and 3-phase heaters. - With a voltage fluctuation compensation function, does not raise false alarms. - Does not raise false alarms due to power supply fluctuations affecting heater current, giving high precision alarm output.

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